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Rodeo is my most favorite spot!

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Nestled in between the Chiricahua and the Pelencillo mountains, Rodeo has been a boom town more than once and seems to be enjoying another round in the beginning of this century. Land is reasonably priced and the climate is what is called four gentle seasons. Friendly people and lots of room to have your privacy. There is NO gas station in the area (25 miles to the nearest one in Animas), one of two places to buy groceries, a laundromat, a Post Office, a tavern that serves great food, a garage, two RV parks, and more to come!

The Rodeo Tavern serves top notch food on Friday and Saturday nights open 11am to 8pm, The bar is open at 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Owner Rob and Debbie Bernard are your hosts. 575-557-2229

The Rodeo Grocery Store and Cafe is under the management with the Cloudt family and they try their best! They still serve the best cinnamon rolls and have fresh loaves of bread also. Lots of old timers in there on a regular basis to shoot the bull with. Fun place!! 575-557-2295

Lot's of good people live here and I'm not just being kind when I say that everybody is warm and friendly. They are.

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